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  • Описание:One Way Bearing,One Way Clutch Bearing,One Way Ball Bearing,Csk Series One Way Bearing,,
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Shandong Xinkaite Bearing Co., Ltd.

One Way Bearing,One Way Clutch Bearing,One Way Ball Bearing,Csk Series One Way Bearing,,

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One Way Bearing

Категория продукта One Way Bearing, мы специализированные производители из Китая, One Way Bearing, One Way Clutch Bearing поставщики / фабрики, оптовые продажи высокого качества продукты One Way Ball Bearing R & D и производство, мы имеем совершенный послепродажное обслуживание и техническую поддержку. Посмотрите вперед к вашему сотрудничеству!
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ЦСК Серия обгонная Муфта CSK20 Подшипник/20PP 2РС

Модель : CSK20

Серия " ЦСК " в одну сторону подшипники клатч-спрага типа обгонной муфты , одна из самых распространенных один из способов подшипник, интегрированный в шаровой подшипник 6200 серий(за исключением размеров 8 и 40), это подшипник поддержал, заполнены...

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One way bearing is a type of rolling element bearing, inside the metal shell that contains lots of roller, needle or ball, and the rolling seat (hole) shape. So that one way bearing rotates freely in one direction and locks in place when turned in the opposite direction. The sprag rollers located between the two elements tilt slightly to lock into position and instantly stop the second element from spinning. ( Called "one-way" or one way cluch ).


Structure of CSK One Way Bearing Below:

 One Way BearingOne Way Bearing

CSK series one way bearing is a sprag type freewheel integrated into a 62 series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). It is bearing supported, shipped grease lubricated and protected against dust larger than .012" (.3mm) diameter. recommended especially when the working temperature exceeds 122°F (50°C). The CSK type one way bearings are grease lubricated and sealed against coarse dirt. The 2RS types come with an integrated rubber lip seal for better dirt and moisture protection, they are a bit wider to accommodate for the seals.

One way clutch Bearing  


One way bearing uses spring loaded sprag rollers that allow one element to freewheel around the other until the direction is reversed. it is often used in the automatic shift transmission of a motor car. also in various types of motorcycle, and hoist applications, and one way bearing is sometimes used as a backstopping device in certain kinds of conveyor systems.


One way bearing also comes into play as a backstopping mechanism in inclined conveyors. Loaded conveyors operating in an inclined position frequently attempt to run backward when the driving mechanism is stopped. In this application, the outer element attaches to the conveyor by means of a torque arm. The inner element of the clutch then turns freely with the forward motion of the conveyor. If the conveyor attempts to run backward, the sprag rollers are engaged and the motion is halted.

One Way Ball Bearing


In addition to the basic CSK model. type CSK..P features a keyway on the inner race.

CSK..PP features a keyway on both the inner and outer race.


CSK . .2RS one way bearings clutches are .197" (5mm) wider than a standard 62 Series bearing, as they are equipped with lip seals for wash down applications .


CSK . .P has the same construction and outside dimensions as type CSK, but has a keyway on the inner race .


CSK . .PP features a keyway on both the inner and outer race .

CSK series One Way Bearing

Installation of one way bearing

To prevent the inner ring and outer ring from slipping during the backstop operation, they have to be mounted with a firm press fit.

Please use an arbor press or hydraulic ram press which will exert steady pressure. Never use a hammer or other tool requiring pounding to drive the clutch into its housing. housing is rotated relative to the shaft in the direction of the arrow and LOCK marking stamped on the cup.

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